Maou Gun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta

The Maou Army’s strongest magician was a human


“Maou Army’s strongest magician” I’m called. Ike, a demon capable of capturing a fort alone. Clearing away enemies with immense magic, he is without a doubt a monster awed by friend and foe. However he has a secret he can’t tell other demons. “I, actually I’m human you know.” Using modern knowledge to keep his secret, he became treated as a great commander and the driving force of the Maou’s army.

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Image result for 魔王軍最強の魔術師は人間だった

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: 13th Slave Girl

Chapter 3: Postwar Processing and Forced Movement

Chapter 4: Golem Subjugation Attack Time

Chapter 5: Sefiro’s Surprise

Chapter 6: Invitation to the Maou Castle

Chapter 7: Maou Castle Double Berg

Chapter 8: Audience with Maou-sama

Chapter 9: I became the Feudal Lord but there’s no Rampart

Chapter 10: Orc Officer Jiron’s Point of View

Chapter 11: Ike’s Farming Experiment

Chapter 12: To the Market with Sati

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